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Canada’s immigration system has seen new heights with the express entry system. With time and updated needs of the immigrants, the administration has completely revolutionized the immigration system. It has been introduced with faster processing times to allow incoming applications in a smooth manner.

However, those who are not as geared up like an express entry visa, Hallmark Immigration has come as a rescue to them. If you are getting carried away with any misconceptions and myths, here we have debunked it all.

Here, we’re going to a few of the biggest myths and misconceptions that currently exist about the Express Entry program.


Myth 1: Express entry pool welcomes everybody

Fact: Not any and everybody who wants to enter Canada can use express entry pool. The express entry pool is strict with age, skill and other fundamentals in order to make the immigration system transparent and wise. One can only enter the express entry pool for Canadian immigration if only he is eligible for federal economic immigration program. This includes- The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and the Canadian Experience Class.

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Myth 2: One should have a job offer to qualify for express entry

Fact: One must be surprised to know that a job offer is not all at necessary to qualify for express entry. However, if you have one, it will help you improve the chances. Candidates who are already enrolled in the Canadian express entry pool are given points.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used to decide their ranks with respect to the points they have gained. The system works like this- if you are awarded with 1200 points, 600 points from that will be allocated with either a qualifying job offer or provincial nomination certificate.


Myth 3: The only way to become a Canadian economic immigrant is the express entry

Fact: Although express entry covers the most economic immigration program, certain provinces will be able to select immigrants from outside the express entry system depending on certain allocation.

Canadian provinces are open to the added advantage of selecting a certain number of immigrants. The number of immigrants one province can choose are selected based on their provincial labour market needs. This means that although most of the immigrants will be given visa to enter Canada via express entry route, each province and territory will still have a ‘base’ Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to select immigrants who do not have to be eligible under Express Entry.

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Myth 4: You have enough time to gather your documents and application submission

Fact: Many think that when they are invited to apply for the permanent residence via express entry, they have plenty of time to gather all the required documents. Many also assume that the application could be submitted within the last date of the 60 days’ deadline. Well, if you wait until the last date procrastinating the paper works, you may find it hard to submit all in time.

Candidates need to gather a number of personal documents, reference letters and employment references, certificates of educational qualifications, and many others. So concentrate on collecting and submitting the papers as soon as possible.


Myth 5: Candidates do not need to pass language tests

Fact: All the candidates need to pass the Standard English and French language. The test results will decide for the candidates’ entry to the pool. As confirmed by the administration, candidates who are applying for entry immigrations need to pass English or French language tests, which are the official language of the country. The entry immigration must meet the eligibility standard of the chosen federal economic immigration program.


Myth 6: One can cheat on express entry information

Fact: If someone misrepresents the information in the application, the candidate will be caught and face penalties. If you are applying for an immigrant visa to Canada, never misinterpret your personal and official data.

The Canadian government attach to a rigorous checking and processing of submitted documents by the candidates, and if detected with any falsehoods, a total of five years of a ban may come in the way.

Skilled worker visa Canada


Myth 7: The express entry profile cannot be updated

Fact: If you are in the express entry pool, and need to update your profile, you can do that any time whilst in the pool. In fact, the Canadian government encourages the candidates to update all the information as soon as they get those in the pool. Often these updates act significant for a provincial nomination or a job offer by Canadian employers, speeding up the mode to receive skilled worker visa.

Hope these myths and facts would help you in the future to decide the ways of improving the way you looked at the immigration system adhered by the Canadian government.


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